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  1. The air is ported through the air valve piston into the centre block, where two directional ports direct the air to the left or right side of the pump.
  2. The pump has two liquid chambers, two air chambers and two diaphragms. In each pair of chambers, the liquid and air chambers are separated by a flexible diaphragm.

  3. When in the air chamber, the air pressure is applied on the back side of one diaphragm forcing the product out of the liquid chamber into the discharge manifold.

  4. As the two diaphragms are connected by a rod, or shaft, the other diaphragm is pulled towards the centre of the pump. This causes a suction stroke on the other side.

  5. Ball valves open and close alternately to fill chambers, and block back-flow.

  6. At the end of the shaft stroke, the air mechanism (air valve piston) automatically shifts the air pressure to (opposite side) reverse the action of the pump, simply put a 1 : 1 ratio reciprocating pump.



When the suction is below the level of the liquid, the pump has to prime the medium. In dry conditions, the Lutz double diaphragm pumps will prime to 4,5 m wc ((Max-Pass™ versions app. 6 m wc). If the suction pipe is filled, a suction head up to 9 m wc can be reached.


Self-priming with portable containers
When pumping abrasive, dense and/or highly viscous liquids from drums and containers, the Lutz double diaphragm pumps are ideally suited. To facilitate this applications, the 1/2" and 1" sizes can be supplied with suction pipe and adapter.


Flooded suction
When the liquid level is above the suction of the pump, the pump suction is considered positive or flooded. Under this condition the intake can be regulated by a suitably sized valve.


Submerged operation
The pumps can also be operated when submerged. Care should be taken with respect to the materials in contact with the liquid, and that the air outlet is above the liquid level.


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