Be in control every day
Safety first with Lutz Drum Pumps and Container Pumps: We have the pump suited to any medium to be pumped - without compromise.
Take Control
Flow measurement must be efficient, economical and suited for practical applications. Lutz Flow Meters track precisely what´s ''flowing out''.
Through thick and thin with Lutz
Lutz Double Diaphragm Pumps are capable of delivering even critical liquids to be conveyed in a gentle and safe manner.
Reliability - a Given with Lutz
Lutz vertical and horizontal Centrifugal Pumps for stationary or mobile applications.

An Alliance of Strengths
Lutz Pumpen GmbH - Drum and container pumps, Flow meter, Double diaphragm pumps, Centrifugal pumpsLutz Jesco GmbH - Dosing pumps, Chlorine gas metering devices, Measuring- and control technology, Centrifugal pumpsLutz GmbH + Co. KG - Glass ampoules, Vials, Syringe cylinders, Aroma tubes, Packaging solutions




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  • Achema 2012 - Great interest shown in the new Lutz products

    From 18th to 22nd June 2012 the affiliated companies Lutz Pumpen, Wertheim and L...
  • B70 Sanitary

    New: Hygienic pump
    Lutz B70V Sanitary

    for a hygienic and gentle pumping of liquid foodstuffs, pharmaceutical agents and cosmetic products...
  • Sponsor´s certificate

    Lutz Pumpen GmbH Sponsorship Partner of the Special Olympics Baden-Württemberg e.v.


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